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Terracielo  –  Domenico Matera 

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"Terracielo" seeks to express the emotional and nostalgic sensations that I experience through loneliness. Seen not as "marginalization" but as an opportunity for redemption. This journey tells of the abandoned places of my earth.

The tree is a symbol of self integration, an archetype that recalls the connection between earth and sky. By encountering the nature of trees, the person accesses his own arboreal nature: that part of ourselves that is more silent, centered and aligned, which knows how to guide us and orientate us among the thousands of daily difficulties, capable of transmitting tranquility and trust. The robust trunk gives us the security to look, the strength to resist the wind, the storms, but also the desire to grow and extend the branches, to create and realize new forms, at the same time the courage to root ourselves more, to anchor ourselves more to our soil, to push and broaden our roots, so harmony becomes the growth of these two opposites. Instead, a very intimate shot approaches the mystery of the trees and the theme of abandonment: that of a lesser kestrel in its first phase of flight. In fact, the falcon celebrates the theme of solitude on several levels, as it embodies the power of wisdom, of global vision, of choices, of knowledge. The frame of this story is represented by the silence in the wheat fields, which seals victoriously.

The earth, the grasses, the trees, the streams and the solitude in the calm, silent landscape bring a feeling of peace to the hectic, daily torment.

Domenico Matera


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