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photo Lucas Chanoine @lucaschanoine
art direction and styling Cyril Drapier @jeantheresin_
model Diane Guais @dianeguais
hair Edouard Saussac @edouardedouarded

LEFT shorts Thomas Pierre Jean socks Patrick Church RIGHT t-shirt Umbro leggings Etienne Jeanson
bra and tights Simone Wild top and pants Man’s jacket Anna Heim necklace Rm Atu Gelovani shoes and bag Carel
top Vallette Studio
earrings Molism Design
top Motoguo earring Alan Crocetti
top Lucille Guehl
LEFT shirt Man’s top Thomas Pierre Jean RIGHT top and pants Gamut necklace Kiska Lab
dress Martin Malrieux earrings Kiska Lab necklace Rm Atu Gelovani
pants Nycto earring Alan Crocetti belt necklace Rm Atu Gelovani
LEFT dress Deaiance earrings Ines Pineau MIDDLE top Weisheng pants Martin Malrieux necklace Ferramenta sunglasses Marine Serre RIGHT blazer and shirt Highlight Studio earring Alan Crocetti tie Yves Saint Laurent

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