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Interview — cover story @Valentino
Youthies Magazine Issue No.6

photo Matteo Bellomo, art direction Allegra Ceni, styling Michele Previsani, artworks Francesco Tani, make up Cinzia Trifiletti, press office Words for you

Passare la notte qui w/ Venerus

Mar 7, 2022

text Gianfranco Petriglieri

all fashion Fred Perry

photo and art direction Matteo Bellomo and Stefania Zanetti styling Michele Previsani make up and hair Edoardo Bacigalupi and Chiara Viola casting direction Allegra Ceni modes Human Street Casting


Since 2018, the year of the publication of “A che punto è la notte” - his first recording project - the music of Venerus (Andrea Venerus, 1992) has arrived as a breath of fresh air in the panorama of contemporary Italian music: with his mix of sounds, melodies, fusions between genres, he gave voice to something new, too difficult to classify. A songwriter who tells stories and who, above all, explores worlds, internal and external.

On February 19, he released his first album “Magica Musica” for the Asian Fake label, consisting of 16 tracks, 12 of which co-produced with Mace, and which boasts heterogeneous collaborations: Frah Quintale, Calibro 35, Rkomi and Gemitaiz as regards the featuring, in addition to the producers Crookers, Tommaso Colliva, Vanegas, amanda lean & not for climbing. An eclectic project made up of contaminations: confronting his music means entering a world made up of visions, sensations, references that escape from the earthly and material dimension. Venerus penetrates the complex and intricate mechanisms of the mind and projects them into images, words and musical notes; elements that always go hand in hand in his work, giving life to an exploration between the “inside” and the “outside”, towards new dimensions. His message resounds in space and spreads throughout the universe: when the disc was launched, a balloon carried the seal of his album up in the sky and a letter that read «In search of forms of love in the universe». Venerus aspires to the cosmos, its mysteries and its infinite possibilities. We meet him a few days after the end of his tour, which took him around Italy, between sold out stages and a great response from the public and critics. What I try to approach in the course of this conversation, not as an expert but as a simple amateur, is to look for a more intimate and private insight, to look into his imagination and his visual references. However, this cannot be separated from music.

The music is there. It has to be, all the time.

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