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superposition 37.jpg

photo and creative direction Fifi Chen @ fidochen___ styling Man Yi @ _yima_n production Bei Ye @ beiyeah_ make up for Jundan&Long Inés Hernández @ makinesh hair for Jundan&Long Hanan Han @ nayeon.mua make up/hair for Alex Peiyao @ seckelyang model Jundan @ danbroo_ , Alex@ alexb244 & Long@ yunlong0717 assistant director Hai @ haitranphotography photo assistant Hunt @ huntyteng

superposition 18.jpg

skin texture body suit from YīJIN (@yijin.yijin) brooch at the neckline, diamond ring, cubic zirconia ring are from Xiangzhi Zhao, Feifei Cheng (@xiangzhi_design) (@feifei._.jewellery) trouser and earring are from stylist’s own

superposition 30.jpg
superposition 23.jpg

knitted long dress from HUJIE (@jiiehhuu_) hands twisted 3D printing necklace from Xiangzhi Zhao, Feifei Cheng (@xiangzhi_design) (@feifei._.jewellery) skull clutch from Xiangzhi Zhao, Feifei Cheng (@xiangzhi_design)(@feifei._.jewellery) shoes are stylist’s own

superposition 26.jpg

knitting halter half top from Faye O’Brien (@effluroscent) striped stocking from Calzedonia parts hollow knitting trouser from HUJIE (@jiiehhuu_) brooch at the neckline from Xiangzhi Zhao, Feifei Cheng (@xiangzhi_design)(@feifei._.jewellery) earring stylist’s own

superposition 19.jpg

Alex: patchwork shirt from Yuzi.(@yuzi__zhang) striped stocking from Calzedonia long skirt from Yuzi.(@yuzi__zhang) body twisted 3D printing necklace from Xiangzhi Zhao, Feifei Cheng (@xiangzhi_design)(@feifei._.jewellery)

Long: ace tulle shirt and pleated skirt are from Yuzi.(@yuzi__zhang)

superposition 38.jpg

crochet hat, acrylic chain-mail vest and wave gloves by @zhongstudio trouser by Yuzi.(@yuzi__zhang)

superposition 4.jpg
superposition 13.jpg
superposition 2.jpg

Before I became a photographer, I was an engineer by profession and was fascinated by superposition states in quantum mechanics. The ability of a quantum system to be in multiple states at the same time until it is measured. Much like waves in classical physics, any two (or more) quantum states can be added together (“superposed”).

But if you look at it: it collapses, the superposition collapses into a single state as soon as an observer intervenes. In Schrodinger Cat experiment, we can tell alive from dead, but we can’t build an apparatus for which those would be eigen states. The thing we can “measure” is a huge superposition of states that we call “alive” or “dead”.

If particles which are “Past”, “Present” & “Future”, in the quantum realm, the order of time is disordered and has a wonderful reaction. Just like the two-slit interference experiment, we are all observers, and after the observation has taken place, the superimposed particles collapse into a definite time state.

- Fifi Chen

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