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Animabilia investigates the complexity of the human-animal relationship from an aesthetic point of view, questioning the purely visual aspect of the experience that sees us involved with the natural world. The feeling of wonder felt towards the beauty of animal forms is the thematic core of the project; the related processes implemented by man to sublimate this fascination, the attempts at appropriation and the practices of objectification are some of the relative nuances treated visually through the photographic project.
According to a perspective that looks at aesthetics, the portrait of a humanity subjected to the beauty of the natural world emerges, concentrated in an attempt to capture its ephemeral beauty, through practices born in antiquity and today translated differently into the contemporary.

Animabilia, 2021. Self-published / 2 volumes / 240 pages, 200 × 286 mm - 112 pages, 150 × 200 mm / printed on gMund, Gardapat and Fedrigoni Arena / thread bound

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