LANGUAGE                         Bilingual - English and italian

EDITIONS                             April (Spring Summer) - September/October (Fall Winter)

SIZE                                       30.5 cm x 23 cm

SUPPORT                             Printed on uncoated paper; four-colour process and black/white

Youthies Magazine is an independent editorial project, based in Milan and published twice a year. It feeds on the spontaneous expression of a heterogeneous community of people by telling their visions. Without celebratory intent, free from moral restraints and influenced in no way by ages or events, the Youthies concept strongly believe in the beauty of paper holding together a collection of timeless visual tales about memory, escapism, familiar patterns and primitive loves.


Australia              Belgium              Brasil              France               Germany              Greece              Holland              Hong Kong              Italy              Japan              Korea              Latvia              Malta              Portugal              Singapore              Spain              Sweden              Switzerland              Taiwan              UK              USA


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